September 20th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Va Beach Day #5

Just finishing up on the Hampton Roads geocaches. The cache in Croaker (what a name for a town!) was the northernmost one on my list so I took care of that in the morning. Then came two more in Williamsburg and one in the Great Dismal Swamp. The last cache of the day was a multi-stage virtual in Norfolk. One of the stages was in a supermarket! Pretty clever urban adventure, really.

Tomorrow... shopping! And I'll let you know if there still are any fursuits left in the thrift store where I got the unicorn.

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chestnut ramune

Va Beach Day #6

No more geocaches so it's time to do some shopping. Things Unlimited was the first stop of the day. It's a thrift store on Virginia Beach Blvd just a few blocks from the oceanfront. It has a variety of donated items -- books, toys, furniture, vinyl records, old electronics -- but it has a pretty large costume department. Always worth a visit. Only a limited selection of fursuits this year, however: frog, two-person horse, chick, black cat. Looks like they aren't getting new ones. I got some plush toys, including a small puppet that I may leave in a geocache, some old comics (Top Dog) and books, and a backpack to replace one that got torn up.

Next was the Lynnhaven Mall to... uhh... see where the locals go. Not really different from any other mall that I've been to though. It's as if Paramus Park moved next to NAS Oceana and changed the names of the department stores. :) Speaking of NAS Oceana, they were having an air show today. Quite a number of planes were flying over the city in formation for most of the day.

Went back to the beach after that to take a look at the Old Coast Guard Station on 24th and Atlantic Ave. Some shipwreck junk on display outside. Interesting museum inside with information on life-saving, sea air rescue, hurricanes and shipwrecks. Also played with the tower cam for a bit.

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