October 1st, 2002

chestnut ramune


After a weekend spent nailing 20 geocaches, how many new ones for my area do I see listed on Monday morning? Only 4! No wonder I run out. Maybe I should stop for a while after my 1,000th cache, which only 8 finds away.

Several days back in this LJ entry, I lamented some georgers who kept complaining in the Where's George forums about geo-george hits and geo-georgers. One of them just signed up at the geocaching site and sent me a geocaching e-mail wishing me well on my quest for #1,000. Uhmmm... I still don't know what to make of that. To be honest, by that time I had gotten rather tired of his geocacher-bashing (especially since the target of his bashing recently was one of my geocaching friends) but I decided to just send a polite reply and not play into the drama. Who has time for drama anyway?

Dental appointment this evening after work. Didn't take long at all because everything was okay and there was less plaque than usual. So I guess all that fish and root beer didn't get caught between the molars. :)

Visited the new Salvation Army thrift store on Route 17 this evening. Not too shabby! Decent selection of books and plush toys. Didn't get any this time because it was close enough that I could always go back. In fact, I may return to get the UConn husky mug because of the cute huskies on it.

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