October 3rd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Oh no, here I go again

Received an e-mail from an AOL user today. All it said was "20/M/CA... are you interested?" Umm... thanks, but no thanks.

ShopRite of Hillsdale has joined the George-unfriendly gang. Frankly, I don't see what good refusing a handful (or fistful?) of Where's George dollars from me will do. Since they are only 5 miles away, they get many more than that just from other non-georging customers bringing those in. I have 48,000+ bills out there so in georging terms, they happen to be in MY neighborhood. Not the other way around.

Not going to fight it though. Where's George is only a hobby and hardly worth getting into an argument over. I'll just not go there any more. And here are the boycott lists...Collapse )

And continuing in the theme of games of senseless destruction, Ant City is a Flash game where you control a giant magnifying glass and use it to burn people, cars, trucks and other objects. Got the link from the geocaching forums, of all places. :)

Finally, why doesn't Windows retain my MouseKey settings? Don't they know that's vital for the Kill Everyone Project? :)

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