October 4th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Corrections, amplifications, work, mug... you know, the usual

Some corrections and amplifications to yesterday's entry...Collapse )

Super busy day at work today. Only had time to crank out a few lines of code as nearly the whole day was spent on customer support issues. Well, it's a living. I have got to wonder though... every new release has new features and it doesn't look like the old features will stop triggering support issues. So does it mean that eventually, 100% of every developer's time will be spent on support issues and there won't be any more new features ever? Ooh ooh... if no software management handbook has covered this, maybe we can get it named Morton's Law or something like that. :)

Starting another travel bug. Will place it in a cache this weekend. I placed this travel bug last week and it's in good hands.

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