October 5th, 2002

chestnut ramune

The March to 1,000

Oh no! AvantGo is not loading some of the cache pages properly. It loads most of them correctly but maybe 10% of the pages contain the hideseek form rather than the cache info. I have no idea what's wrong so I guess it's back to paper only. On the plus side, these Handspring syncs are going really fast now. Is this the speed/accuracy tradeoff we're seeing again? :)

Only 8 more caches to #1,000. Can I do it? Oh, tomorrow's only Saturday. No problemo.

Hope the weather is good this weekend, for Monday we perish...

Uh, whoa... what's this about Monday? It's just that there's a new product sub-release so they're getting the people least qualified to test it to... umm... test it. Yes, the developers. Looks like we have a QA department for no reason, right? Managers? Oh well, at least I get two more computers to play with at work.

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