October 7th, 2002

chestnut ramune


Just finishing up, in a way. Didn't want to travel too far today so a few geocaches in Monmouth County were the ticket. Also went to New Hope, PA to pick up a virtual cache, and that kinda ruined the "not traveling too far" plan. :)

I can't believe the NJ Turnpike Northbound is still jammed packed in the evening even after the summer traveling season. It's probably going to be an all-year thing now. Even worse was the Goethals Bridge exit. (to Staten Island) The traffic was piled up all the way back out on the Turnpike. Boy, it must be terrible for those living in Staten Island. They have to wait an hour or two just to get home!

Came home to lots of congratulatory e-mail and two threads of congrats on the geocaching forums. Wow!

Next weekend, I'll take a break from geocaching to go to the Liberty Science Center with the Hudsonfurs. It's sure been a while since I've been to any meets.

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Cease what? Desist what?

Life sure is full of curveballs. I just got a cease and desist letter from someone out in Los Angeles. (based on the area code in his phone number) The problem is someone I met at Anthrocon happens to be using the same name as the trademark used by this musician. So he saw the name in one of my Anthrocon reports and came to the incorrect conclusion that I have been using his trademark.

Oh boy. I guess I'll just tell him he's mistaken but someone's going to have to get a new fan name.

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