October 14th, 2002

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Caching from Muttontown to Riverhead

Yet another trip to Long Island for geocaching. It was an outstanding day to travel. Not much traffic on the roads both going there and returning. Lots of people must have remained at home because of the bad weather.

One problem was my EZ-Pass tag quit working. Hmm... maybe I'll get a few free tolls or a fine. I paid the Throgs Neck Bridge toll in cash (always looking to spread more Where's George bills :) ) since there was no wait. Didn't want to get into a situation where the barrier refuses to go up because of a non-functioning EZ-Pass tag. I'll have to call the EZ-Pass service center on Monday.

Aside from that snag, everything went well. Bagged another 8 caches. All the caches but one were very easy, almost trivial to find. The difficult one had coordinates that were wrong by 0.88 miles! My printout was old but fortunately, my Handspring had captured the corrected coordinates. Also decided to find closer parking for that cache as the recommended parking would have been about a one-mile walk. Indeed there was an alternate entrance where the preserve bordered a residential road but it took some driving around to find it as most of the streets around there were flanked by private property. Just had to bushwhack through some typical pine barrens brush to get to the correct trail but other than that and the wrong coordinates and the search for parking, it was an easy find.

Thank goodness for the laptop, which I am now using. It turned out that all the boot partitions on the PC were on the bad hard disk after all. Until the new PC arrives, everything will have to be done on this laptop. I'd hook it up to the cable modem but for some reason, dhcpcd isn't working. Need to figure that out later.

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Lawsuit-happy Customers

Where is it written that a great weekend must be followed by crap on Monday? Just found out this morning that a customer is planning to sue us because of a software problem. Wow! Who took a truck and backed over their breakfast cereal? This is especially unbelievable as we only received the debugging log files from them today! This is one time when I think the prudent course of action would be to recommend a competitor because no contract is worth that kind of aggravation. Boy, there are difficult customers and there are difficult customers.

Tried to call the EZ-Pass Service Center this morning but it was closed. Gee, what day is it today? Columbus Day! Duhh! Oh well... I'll just have to call tomorrow and run up more toll violations in the meantime. Ack.

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