October 18th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Quest for Scanner, Part 1

What's going on at work? Whole lotta nothing today punctuated by high priority customer issues. I think that's become a joke because there isn't an issue with a priority below 'High'. Doh well. But hey, plenty of time to read scanner reviews on the web.

More setup work on the new PC...Collapse )

Went to Office Depot to buy a scanner this evening. That store didn't seem to have much of a selection but I picked up a HP Scanjet 5400C. Took it home, installed the drivers, unlocked and plugged the scanner in. Tried scanning the registration card a few times. On the fifth time, the motor got stuck. Boy, do I know how to break things or what? Since I'll be busy tomorrow evening, I'll return it to the store on Monday and try another model. In the meantime, the store has a weekend to disperse the Where's George dollar bills I paid for the scanner. Bwahaha!

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chestnut ramune

Quest for Scanner, Part 2

Went back to Office Depot at lunch time today and got a cash refund for the broken scanner. Then I took a look at the scanner section again. This store carries 10 models of scanners: 8 from HP, 1 from Epson and 1 from Microtek, and that includes the one I just returned so they only have 9 models now. (Yes, they only had one HP Scanjet 5400C.) This time I bought the Microtek Scanmaker 4800. Hope it lasts longer than a few minutes. :)

Swiped this link from the Where's George forums: 86 the onions. It's strange and indescribable.

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