October 19th, 2002

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Geocache Download Quick Hack

I mentioned I was going to be busy Friday evening and indeed I was. Had to take my parents to the Newark Airport. See, I left home a long time ago but my parents drop by and visit every now and then instead of the other way around. Funny that. So I'm all by myself again.

So what's my solution to the AvantGo and geocaching.com interoperability problem? I wrote a Perl script that will download the cache pages and save them as HTML files. The script also writes out an index page for all those caches. Then I upload it all to my webspace. (After all, how else am I going to use that 500 MB?) And then I point AvantGo there and do a HotSync. That's it. Looks great on the Handspring. Let's go caching!

The problem was AvantGo didn't download the cache pages properly. I think it was rubbing geocaching.com the wrong way or something, but I do know that geocaching.com behaves differently depending on the HTTP headers. In my testing, lynx did not load the cache pages but a Perl script identifying itself as Internet Explorer did.

By now, the offline web experts should be telling me to give up and switch to Plucker. Maybe one day. But I do like AvantGo's ability to function as a regular web browser for the wireless Internet connection. Perhaps when I upgrade to a PDA with more memory, I will install both pieces of software.

The Microtek scanner installation and testing will have to wait for another evening.

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chestnut ramune

Rockland/Orange geocaching

Having already met my goal, I wasn't in a hurry today so I decided to tackle some of the geocaches that require hill-climbing or longer walks. I must say that doing one or two of those is not bad but more than that will leave you a bit sore. Oi!

Found 8 caches today. 2 were in Hook Mountain. 5 were in Harriman State Park. The last one was a quickie in a local park in Goshen. Nice haul today. Found 4 travel bugs. Also found a book that had been registered with Bookcrossing. I'll be moving all of those to caches in other states, or at least as far as possible within my regular caching zone. Also took the opportunity to leave a bunch of free-after-rebate stuff from CompUSA that I wasn't using.

Tomorrow? Connecticut, most likely.

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