October 22nd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Musings at the Post Office

A new E-ZPass tag arrived in the mail yesterday. Great! I installed it last night and will be mailing the old one back to the service center today. Since I had the PIN, (from when I had to look for it to call them) I checked my statement online at the E-ZPass website. Strange. All the toll entries are there and accounted for. So when the MTA bridge tollgates tell you to "Call E-ZPass", those still work well enough to record the toll?

Since I had some time yesterday afternoon, I went to the post office to mail a package (broken hair dryer that's still under warranty) and check on my box. (P.O. Box 5, Park Ridge NJ 07656, in case you want to send anything ;)) Apart from the usual domain registration junk mail, there was a birthday card! My birthday was last month so okay, I don't check that often enough. :)

Speaking of mailing packages, here's Helplessly Addicted to eBay Barbie. (Swiped that from the Where's George forums.) Now where do you get all those tiny Priority Mail boxes? :) And that reminds me, I need to start selling stuff on eBay again, if only to get rid of some of the clutter. Now where did I put the boxes and bubble wrap?

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