October 23rd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Quonset Quest

50,000 bills entered at Where's George. I'm now an Ultimate Georger. Heheh... does anyone even remember that there were Georger "levels"? Next level: Adam in another 50,000 bills.

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Went out at lunchtime to mail the old E-ZPass tag yesterday. Also went to Pearl River (the town whose name sounds like a Chinese restaurant) for lunch, and to pick up an ammo can at the army surplus store. That turned out to be not so easy to do because the street was being dug up for some reason but I made a detour around the whole block.

On the way back to work, I saw some structures that looked like Quonset huts. Funny, I never noticed those before and figured I'd go back to check them out after work. Well, guess what? It gets dark earlier this time of the year so by the time I left work, it was practically night. But I went back to check those out anyway. I don't think they are Quonsets. The half-cylindrical design is the same but instead of the sheet metal, the steel ribs are covered in plastic and the structures are being used as greenhouses. So, no Quonset.

Got a DiskOnKey at the Apple Store near work. Heard about it at Chaos Manor and thought it would be an interesting item to get. It's a keychain fob with flash memory and a USB plug. When you plug it into a USB port, Windows XP detects it and treats it as an additional disk drive. Very nice for transferring files between home and work. Especially convenient with the new PC because it has USB ports in the front of the case. The PCs at work, however, only have USB ports at the back so that might not be as easy but it's probably time to upgrade the work PCs too. Hmm... :)

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