October 25th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Madman of Mahwah

Went out early this morning to find this geocache in the Mills Reservation in Montclair. (The other other Mont- town in North Jersey.) Cold overcast morning but rather nice when I started walking out on the broad gravel paths. I do miss early morning caching since I haven't been doing much since late Spring, so it's good to get back in the swing of things.

Got this kangaroo costume on eBay. Luckily, no one upped the bid at the very last second but I guess this is more than high enough for a seller with zero rating. I'll get the money order some time today.

Yet another episode that shows how a few individuals in this area can be very rude and impatient. I went to the A&P in Mahwah to pick up a few items. Used a Uscan machine to checkout. Unfortunately, the bill scanner at this particular Uscan was more picky than most so I had to try putting in more dollar bills to find some that it won't reject. Anyway, this man comes over and dumps his stuff on the little side-shelf. (That shelf is supposed to be for me to use anyway but I'll forgive that.) The twerp said, in a nasty tone of voice, "Can you hurry it up a bit?" I suggested that he try a different Uscan lane since my checkout would take a bit of time. Actually, there were half a dozen of those Uscan lanes there and some were free so what was he doing waiting where someone was checking out? Then he said "A$$hole". I couldn't resist replying "Likewise!" And then he snatched up his stuff and stomped away. Boy, talk about your Type A personalities. I hope he doesn't get a coronary over this.

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