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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

12:20a - South Jersey

Went geocaching in South Jersey today. Atlantic and Cape May counties, to be specific. Got 12 caches. Quite a long drive though. I got up at 4am (It was raining heavily at that time.) in order to arrive at the first cache location early. Also packed an overnight bag but I managed to get most of the ones I haven't found and I finished the last one an hour before sunset so there was no reason to stay there. Dinner was at the Arby's in Vineland.

One innovation I noticed at two cache locations was the use of velcro to attach the cache to the underside of an object. First time I've seen that but very easy to find once you figure out what's going on. Also, I picked up some travelers that weren't travel bugs. One is a small sock monkey with a tag inviting you to e-mail the originator. The other is one of many monarch butterfly cards that are supposed to move North to caches in Canada. Of course, this is the wrong season for that. :)

Of course, the good thing about traveling in the fall is there is less traffic. None of that usual exit 7 to 8A traffic jam on the Turnpike. Thank goodness.

Tomorrow, I think I'll just hit a few caches in my area.

current mood: tired

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