October 28th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Geocached locally today

After 12 caches yesterday, going for only 4 caches today seemed like a vacation. :) Just made my rounds locally and picked up a few that I haven't gotten around to finding. Of those, one was a more substantial walk than the usual dash and grab, with rockfields and streams to traverse. And another was not too far from parking but required a lot of bushwhacking both level and uphill. I think I've gotten too used to the flatlands of South Jersey and Long Island. Either that or I no longer see the charm in traversing rocky and hilly terrain. It sure breaks your shoes and feet faster.

I also distributed all the non-travelbug travelers -- the butterfly, Freidrich the sock monkey, and the Bookcrossing book -- to today's caches. Safe journey to them all.

Anyway, I may go to South Jersey again next weekend since caching activity there has picked up. Long Island, unfortunately, hasn't had many new caches. Neither has the Western half of Connecticut. I've never cached in the Eastern half of Connecticut but maybe I should start. If only most of those locations weren't 2-hour or longer drives away.

Wow! njski placed a geocache in my honor. Pretty cool. Maybe I'll go find it on the next trip to South Jersey.

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