November 6th, 2002

chestnut ramune


[NaNoWriMo participant icon]

Okay... heh... I guess I might as well spill the beans now since I'm already over 10,000 words into this and nearly all of it was written this evening. Whew! :) More about this later... but now... it's time for bed.

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chestnut ramune

Nano Write More

First, a big hello to windmist who added me to his friends list yesterday. As always, I'm happy to reciprocate. Welcome to my LJ.

UPS left the package at my door yesterday afternoon. I don't know why the driver didn't do that the day before but it's good enough for me. My faith in UPS is about 95% restored. :) Ordinarily, I would have chosen the Postal Service since the mailman knows to just leave the packages. (No one here is going to steal them... please.) However, it turns out for oversized boxes, UPS Ground is much cheaper than US Postal Service. Why is that? Beats me, but that has always been the case.

And now, more about NaNoWriMo...Collapse )

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