November 7th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Nevermind the Aspirin

Made my weekly trip to the Palisades Center Mall yesterday evening after work. After all, where else can you sink a 150-bill bundle of Where's George dollar bills into the economy without anyone complaining? There must be a dozen change machines in there, and of course there's the post office with late hours and the Sprint PCS cash payment machine.

*ahem* Anyway, since I read Shy Matsi's LJ entry about the 3-foot tall Stitch plushie, I just had to go check out the Disney Store there. Yes, they did have a 3-foot Stitch but only in the store display. Apparently, they are not selling those yet. Maybe in a week or two.

I smashed my index finger today... my own stupid carelessness. Had to go back to work after lunch but stopped by the bank to cash a rebate check. Guess what? I discovered this Wild George in the bundle of singles I got from the bank! It's from Roy, another big-time Georger in Long Island. And the funny thing is after I found the George, my finger got all better... doesn't hurt any more. Hey. Maybe when I go to the dentist, they should just distract me with Wild Georges... lookit all these stamped bills... and oh, you're done already. Really? Hardly noticed the root canal.

Okay, maybe not. :)

NaNoWriMo update: 15,733 words.

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