November 22nd, 2002



Removed the rant. You're right, Mr. Anonymous Coward. I have no right to complain. Thank you for showing me the light. Have a nice weekend.

Received another package from CyberSurfari in the mail yesterday. This time it is a CyberSurfari paddleball, a Spring 2002 milestone prize. Didn't they already send a Spring 2002 prize not so long ago? Good stuff though. In time, I'll have enough of these prizes to set up a geocache for kids.

Signed up for the North Jersey Livejournal Meetup this coming Tuesday. Not sure if I'll go but we'll see. I've been checking on the status of these meets for the past few months and I think each time, they've been canceled because fewer than the minimum number signed up for the meet. This area is not like NYC, which is teeming with LJers. If no one else goes, at least I'll be able to get dinner there as the location is the Six Brothers Diner on Route 46 in Little Falls.

Didn't have time to work on the NaNoWriMo novel yesterday. I found that I was way behind on a lot of other things, having set all those aside to write the 50,000 words. So for now, it remains in a pretty raw state. What I need to do is break it up into proper chapters, correct all the typos and add capitalization. (When I have to write really fast, it comes out all lowercase like e.e. cummings. :) ) And then after that, I can HTML-ize it and stick it somewhere on the web. I don't know if I want to edit for content just yet. There's some crazy stuff in there.

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