November 26th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Turkeys want to be free, but not this way

Picked up the free turkey from the supermarket this afternoon. I only needed to have made $150 in purchases in the past month so I more than qualified. That turkey's enough for three days of eating so it's a good thing, although in a way, I think the promo is designed to sell lots of other items because I also bought gravy, stuffing, soup, TV dinners, frozen vegetables, root beer, etc etc etc... while I was there. :)

CD-Rs also want to be free because that's the free-after-rebate special at CompUSA this week. The CD-RW drive in this PC is a lot faster than the one in my old PC so it will be good to have lots of blank CDs on hand. In addition, I picked up the Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus software, also free after rebate. I'll have to install that later. WordWeb is good but maybe this is better.

Also got Inuyasha #3 and #10 at the Waldenbooks in the Paramus Park Mall. I don't know if it will make sense to start reading a manga series in the middle but that's all they had.

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