December 16th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Philcon Day 3, and Why I'm Not A Food Critic IV

Hello to the_gneech. I noticed he added me to his friends list this afternoon so I'm happy to reciprocate. Great to have a fellow cartoonist on board.

Woke up somewhat later today but still had time to go out for breakfast before the 10am panel. The Corner Bakery Cafe was a lot more crowded than usual this morning so I went to the Dunkin Donuts on Market St. The latter had breakfast sandwiches and lousy service. What more could you ask for? :)

Attended the following panels: "Computer Law and Security", "Exploring history, myth and culture through the lens of Japanese animation", "Creating Aliens", and "George Orwell After All These Years". Followed that with the Gripe Session, basically the closing of the con.

Dining in Philly's Chinatown...Collapse )
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