December 22nd, 2002

chestnut ramune

Weekend update

Friday: 8 geocaches, 6 in DE, 1 in MD, 1 in PA. (DE/MD/PA corner, naturally.) Started traveling at 5am to arrive at the first location at around 8am or so. It was raining heavily but got better later in the day. Spent the night in Newark, DE.

Saturday: 8 geocaches. Picked up one more in DE and then 7 in MD. The last two were in Elks Neck State Park, a very scenic peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sunday: 5 geocaches. Just puttered around Long Island, visiting some of the newer caches.

List of cache finds (whenever the website is not too busy)

Lighthouse at Elks NeckCollapse )

Picked up the free ham at the supermarket this evening. Apparently, it is not a ham but a "ham and water product". :) Will cook it on Christmas Day. Weather forecast calls for snow on that day but we'll see.
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