December 27th, 2002

chestnut ramune

Jersey Jaunt

Service appointment yesterday afternoon. Apparently, the oil level is a bit low so it needed an oil change. However, it shouldn't be low that soon or ever, unless there's a leak or the engine is burning oil, so I have to bring the car in again after another 1,000 miles for them to look at the oil level. That should be what? Three or four days? :)

After that, I went shopping in Paramus. Got more DVDs to watch around New Year's. Are we having snow again? Also got a new compass because the liquid in the old one had turned brown, most likely with rust. Just what exactly is that liquid in a liquid-filled compass?

Today? Just went geocaching around New Jersey. A whole lot of driving though because the caches were spread out, 20 to 30 miles between caches. One each was in Burlington, Middlesex and Somerset Counties. There were three in Monmouth County but in three different corners of the county.

The caches...Collapse )