January 6th, 2003

fox sit

Life (or not) on the message forums

I'm wondering if it is worth reserving a room at the Raritan Sheraton. (It rhymes!) I'm less than 50 miles away so I could commute to JerseyDevilCon. On the other hand, $79 a night for the Sheraton is not a bad rate. I liked the hotel last year. I most definitely will be commuting to Lunacon however. That's only 20 miles away and the Rye Town Hilton is much more expensive, even at con rates.

As pointed out here in the geocaching forums, the January 4 log on the Curse of the Suburban Jungle is now the most amazing cache log in the North Jersey area! I don't even remember what's the runner-up now. Just imagine someone fording an icy stream and then stomping through a half-frozen swamp looking for a cache. I'm surprised he still has feet. Egads!

Over at Where's George, Hank has decreed that any more than 10 hits from the same person is subject to review and probable deletion. This is going to lead to a whole lot of questions. Where's George is known by enough people now that it will sometimes be hard to tell the difference between natural circulation and giving someone bills to hit. Even in the NYC tri-state area, there are lots of WG-savvy people who handle money and while I don't know them or their stores or vending machines, they have found a good many of my WG bills and entered them. So now are any further hits from the bartender in Montvale, whose bar I never visit, or from the unidentified vending machine company based in Westwood going to be deleted? We'll see. Anyway, here is where the discussion thread begins.

Went out to get the 2002 version of Taxcut Deluxe this evening. There is a $5 rebate so it is only $20. And the State Edition is free after rebate. So they're only making $20, minus Office Depot's cut, from the whole thing. After packaging and warehousing costs, support costs, software developers' salaries, etc... is this profitable? They may be counting on a fraction of the customers forgetting to file the rebates.
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