January 31st, 2003

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This completes the month! I've written at least one entry for each day of the month. (If it seems like some days are missing, those would be the friends-only entries.) I probably will not do that again because there were some days when I really had nothing worth noting and had to come up with some interesting projects. :)

Picked up a small bottle of Visaclean eyeglass cleaner from a cache a while back and only just tried it today. It looked like spit when I sprayed a little on the lens but it worked pretty well. Yes, that should be their ad slogan. Visaclean, works better than spit!

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Some get lost here and never leave

I'm now about 3/4 of the way through the taxes. Only waiting for 14 more 1099-DIVs, although I may be further along than that as many transfer agents don't send those out for dividends under $10. Taking a peek at the dividend tally though, tax-free dividends are worth about $640 to me! And they say only the rich will benefit from the Bush economic plan. Hah!

Of course, I'll stimulate the economy with Where's George dollar bills. :)

Chinese New Year is tomorrow. Year of the goat or sheep or ram. I figured what the hey... I haven't been to the Chinese supermarket in River Edge on a weekday in quite a while. So I went there to get dinner. It's more of a home cooking style than a typical Chinese takeout. Also got some fried noodles that I can microwave for breakfast.

Someone asked me for directions. Did you ever get the feeling that while you know the way from point A to point B, there is no way in heck you can explain that to someone else in a reasonable amount of time? I've been driving around that area for a number of years so I'm pretty much on autopilot going down those residential roads but I'd probably lose the poor guy after describing the second left or third right. So I copped out and directed him to Route 4 and then to where he was heading. Simple but not the way I'd have gone.

Also stopped by the Barnes and Noble on Route 17 and found the book I was looking for. So I canceled my online order when I got home. (It hadn't shipped yet.) The cashier told me that he saw the same Where's George dollars back when he was working at Badlands Tacos. Heh... you can't escape the George. :)
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