March 8th, 2003

fox sit

Adventures in Orange County (Sterling Forest North)

Went geocaching in Orange County today, near Route 17 and South of the Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall. Lots of deep snow around (I think this snow just hangs around until Spring) but I found two caches. Didn't attempt/find two others in the same area so that's a 50% success rate.

Indian Hill Park is in the Indian Hill section of Sterling Forest. My car did not make it into the official parking area because that last part was too steep and covered in snow but where I left the car was closer to the trailhead. Easy walk on the snowy woods road. There was six inches of soft snow on top of a foot of hard snow so I only sank in a little as I walked. After taking a wrong turn somewhere and not using the recommended trail, I arrived at the cache site where oddly enough, it was sitting in the one spot that wasn't covered in snow.

Doris Duke's Birdland No. 1 is in the Doris (not Daisy) Duke Wildlife Sanctuary, practically next door to Indian Hill. It's another walk on a snowy dirt road to a dam spillway. The cache wasn't immediately visible but I saw it after looking around for a bit. (and nearly falling on a sheet of ice up on the rock)
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Poppin' Heads?!

Going through some of my old bookmarks because what else do I do on a Winter Saturday? As I expected, lots of websites have gone away in the past few years.

But I can't believe this one is still there!

Their guestbook is still getting entries. Heh.
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