March 19th, 2003



18 hours to war.

I'll miss the start of the war coverage because I'll be out in the evening. The car needs an oil change and then I'll have dinner out, most likely. Then it'll be morning in Baghdad so there'll be none of those night vision scenes on TV until the next day. Nevertheless for everyone's sake and especially for the sake of the American troops abroad, I hope this ends quickly. Maybe it will.

Given the fuss over the US boycotting or planning to boycott French products (even if only in name, i.e. Freedom Fries), why hasn't anyone pointed out that Europeans are boycotting Israeli products? And then, there are Muslim Up and Arab Cola, the dynamic duo of anti-US-Trademark beverages. Looks like the same nonsense is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. I don't expect all that to get sorted out until after the war is over.

On a lighter note, I will be able to make the next Northern NJ Livejournal Meetup on March 25. This time it'll be held in the Paramus Park Mall. Very convenient for me as I'll be going there anyway. Hope it isn't canceled for lack of RSVPs like all the previous meetups in this area.
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