March 30th, 2003

fox sit

Doing the one-day con thing at I-CON

Started the day by going for the Captree Exchange geocache in Captree State Park in Bay Shore, Long Island. Very easy walk on the beach although I had to wonder why there was a television there. Perhaps it washed up on the beach because it wasn't there before, according to jbadger. When I got close to the cache, I went inland a bit and it was an easy find in the first spot I checked. Since this is a CD cache, I left a CD that I brought. No idea what it is about as I'd never listened to it before but it's a bank freebie so I doubt it's offensive.

Then I headed on to I-CON where they really need to improve on their signage as I found the parking lot by trial and error, and a dim memory of where it is from 3 years ago. It was also a full parking lot but I found a closer parking space after a bit.

After picking up my stuff from the guest/press table, I co-moderated the geocaching panel with jbadger. I guess that went okay even though we probably didn't get to go over everything as planned. Some things (like geocaching) are better explained by doing. Later in the afternoon, I moderated the webcomics panel. Yes, on my own, as the other two moderators were unable to make it for various reasons. Also went to part of Uncle Kage's Story Hour and his panel (Furries in the Scientific Community) after that, and stayed for the fursuit panel.

Left after that to get home before the roads got totally mucked up by the snow. Yes, you read that right. Snow. In late March. Actually, the roads were okay but the NYC area motorists were mucked up and started driving too slowly, causing a backup before the George Washington Bridge. Oh well. What can you do.
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