April 18th, 2003


Adding a little more to the AOL of blogging

Hi, poeticdragon. No idea how you found my LJ but welcome aboard!

Found out yesterday that gernboken and I share a birthday.

Another wild george! Found this one in a bundle of 500 singles I got from the bank this afternoon. So that's two wild georges and one natural in the past few days! This one has the website URL handwritten in black ink in the margins on the front and back. See scan of the bill.

The Livejournal Meetup may actually happen in North Jersey this time because there are 5 Yes RSVPs! If so, that would be a first. No one has volunteered to be the host though but I think I can print a sign to bring to the venue.

A CDC truck had an accident on Route 17 this evening. No need to panic though because it's a Coin Depot Corp truck, not the other CDC. :) Although... who knows what might've happened if the money spilled out on the highway.
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Brave New Forms of Spam!

Got this notification last night:


This email message is a notification to let you know that
a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the JDCon 

  File        : / Net Dating Service - Click here. 
  Uploaded by : boysmells4ds <boysmells4ds@yahoo.com> 
  Description :  Thousands of profiles to browse through for free 

So spammers are now joining Yahoo Groups and uploading files?? What will they think of next?

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Evening on Hook Mountain

Ju$t A Buck
Very restless this evening so I decided to go out for a quick geocache after work. Well, going up to the Hook Mountain ridge wasn't exactly quick but it wasn't too difficult. There was a small parking area along 9W. It's really just a dirt pullout although I noticed that they paved a little of it so that cars won't lose a muffler when going off the road.

From there, it was a stiff walk uphill in the cool evening air. (Well, it wasn't a hot day anyway.) Met some other hikers along the way. One of them brought his dog and had two hiking sticks! Anyway, the view from the top of the mountain was excellent. You could see down the Hudson River, past the Tappan Zee bridge, all the way to Tallman Mountain and the Piermont pier. There were birds flying lower than where I was standing.

Then I continued on to the cache, which wasn't too far from the summit. There were lots of hiding spots to check but it turned out that the coordinates given were pretty good so it didn't take long to find. Went back out the way I came in. Stopped by the Palisades Center Mall on the way home for dinner.
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