May 5th, 2003



Today is Webcomics Awareness Day. Limpidity is participating this year. The number and variety of webcomics available these days is truly amazing. There weren't quite as many back when I started posting them on my website six years ago and so we've come a long way.

Every webcartoonist has his or her own reasons for creating a webcomic. Admittedly, my reasons back in August of 1996 for starting Limpidity weren't the best. Let's see... I had some bad jokes that needed telling and brand new web space with no content. So... I started a webcomic! And of course one thing led to another, and another. Made some long-time friends. Got the strip published in fanzines and small press ventures. Sold some originals and moderated some webcartooning panels at cons. These days, I don't update the strip as often as I used to but reflecting on the past half dozen years or so, it's been a lot of fun.

On a different note, here's an eagle a friend brought back from a trade show.
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