May 14th, 2003


Parsippany Poetry

Parsippany Partroy Park
Passed out last night
didn't sleep right
woke up early this morning
Hey! There's a new cache waiting.

Drove out to Parsippany
not to be confused with Whippany
pulled into the park
There's a camel there. What a lark.

GPS readings were screwy
but I found the cache finally
came out and met the Bee-Gees, actually Scott
To the scoobydoers who placed the cache, thanks a lot!

Pictures: The camel, The cache.

Oh... about the rhyming, check the first few geocache logs. I think we've started something there. :)
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Cookie Comebacks III

Yet another trip to the cookie bowl of a local Chinese restaurant...

You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment.
Urge! Is this from the Herbal Essences commercial?

Carve your name on your heart and not on marble.
That's gotta hurt!

Do not let great ambitions overshadow small success.
Okay, okay... I'll clean up my room.

You are more likely to give than give in.

Bears are not the only creatures to benefit from hibernation.
Okay... Zzzzzzzz.