May 15th, 2003


More Morning Geocaches

Well, since I did that yesterday morning, why not this morning too?

Greenwood Lake Airport cache (New Jersey)
In West Milford. Easy cache and dash. I had no idea if the way I came in was the best way but it was a short bushwhack over from the Greenwood Lake recycling center.

Roo 1 (New Jersey)
Long Pond Ironworks State Park in Ringwood. Came in from the parking lot and took the trail going around the back of the mountain to the cache and came back to the parking lot still following the trail but on the reservoir side. So it was a big loop. A longer and steeper walk than I should be doing for a before work cache dash but I made it anyway. The cache was an easy find and the view nearby was great. What more could one ask for?

Pictures: Reservoir View, Roo 1 geocache