May 23rd, 2003

fox sit

A bit of everything LJ entry

Went to the Campgaw Mountain Reservation in Mahwah to find the Just Because geocache. Why? Just because! :) I was fortunate because that was the only time today when it wasn't raining. The ground was damp from the rain but it was an easy walk up a mild incline. Found the cache pretty much right away. Pictures: The cache, Flower on a nearby tree.

Uploaded some Limpidity comic strips last night. Also sent a trib to Fur Visions. I hadn't been monitoring the website so the deadline slipped a bit, but it wasn't the final deadline for issue #29 yet.

The Laserjet IIIP finally reached a point where taking out the toner cartridge and shaking it no longer got me more good printouts. So I put in a new toner cartridge. Now I have to figure out what to do with the old cartridge. I heard Office Depot has a cartridge recycling program so I'll check that out the next time I go to Paramus.

Went to the Tiffany Diner again. This time I ordered the hot open turkey with french fries (not freedom fries, please!) in gravy because that dish was mentioned in an online diner review. It was pretty good too. I didn't know you could get fries in gravy. I'll have to ask for that more often. Oddly enough, that dish also came with dessert even though the dessert wasn't mentioned in the menu.
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