June 4th, 2003


The Man with the Golden Camera

Lonesome Dove (New Jersey)
Visited this geocache in Montclair today. It's a two-stage cache, the first stage using a sign by a garden of irises. (picture of a purple iris) And then it was a climb up a steep hill followed by an easy walk to the cache location. A pretty standard cache hunt. It's a good thing that the downpour didn't start until later.

Went to Arby's in Palisades Center again this evening. Why? Because I felt like it. I had the chicken bacon and swiss combo. Also ordered an apple turnover and the jalapeno bites. I guess they're still fumbling around. The manager was operating the cash register. He made a mistake and didn't know how to correct it. Then they forgot my jalapeno bites but put in an extra sandwich and an extra apple turnover. Even if I didn't exactly get what I ordered, I thought it was a good trade. :) I hope things will run more smoothly there as time goes on, but still... shouldn't they have gone over all this during training? Seems way too messed up even if this is just the food court.

I see Fotolog has gone the way of geocaching and Where's George and introduced a donation and membership program. Free users are limited to one photo a day and five comments per photo guestbook. Gold Camera members get six photos and 100 comments. Unfortunately, the reaction from a segment of users has been predictable. They have been posting protest pictures in their fotologs, spamming the guestbooks of other users and calling the admins fascists. (screen capture by Scott Heiferman) What I don't get is the entitlement mentality of these users. The service consumes a lot of bandwidth and disk space, and carries no advertising. If it is supposed to be free, where is the money going to come from to pay for the costs of running it? And besides, free users aren't being banned from the service. There are just some limits to how much they can use it and that is more than fair.

Anyway, I donated. I could certainly live with one photo a day and five comments (hardly get any comments anyway) per photo guestbook but I think Fotolog is worth supporting.
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No Cork In Sosa's 76 Other Bats

One thing doesn't make sense in the Sammy Sosa cork in the bat story. If it's such a bad thing to have a corked bat, why did he keep one of those around? Sooner or later he'd make a mistake and pick up the wrong one out of the 77 bats. Seems like a mistake that could have been prevented.

By the way, how does cork in the bat help a batter hit the ball further?
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