July 12th, 2003


Long Island

Probably shouldn't have gone that way on Saturday. I have no idea how anyone gets around NYC on any day but Sunday. Congested roads. Accidents all over the place. Neverending construction at the CIP/LIE interchange.

Wantagh Parkway. Traffic jam. As I drove past the accident site, I saw a lady sitting on the parkway, head between hands. Her car with extensive front-end damage was just a few feet away by the concrete median. Be careful on those highways.

The caches...Collapse )

Dinner was at the A&W - Long John Silver's co-branded restaurant in West Islip. For me, that's the best part of any LI trip. :) They changed the batter for the fish. It's a little better. They must have made the bitter batter better with butter. Seriously though, people may have made some suggestions as the fish wasn't as good as the Patchogue LJS.