July 18th, 2003

chestnut ramune

Anthrocon Day 1

Went out before breakfast to find the East Indian Creek geocache. Only 3 miles away and I couldn't resist. Met pholph later in the lobby. He passed me a travel bug to place in a NJ cache. Nice.

Also took care of the Art Show checkin and hung up the comic strip originals i was selling. Turned out that my panels were right next to jen_aside's. Then I left my Charity Auction donations (the bags o' plush toys) with rigelkitty and xydexx.

Shopped at the Dealer's Room for a bit. And then went to the Fursuiting Seminar I. Construction details were fascinating although i don't make 'em myself. Just buy them and wear them.

After lunch, I watched the Pawpet show in the main ballroom for some time before waiting in line for the crowded elevators.

Gave up waiting and took the stairs. *sigh*