August 5th, 2003


Their street address is "One Microsoft Way"

Haven't been doing very much this evening. Then again I ran a big Windows Update, which took nearly an hour, so that explains it. I'm not sure which patch did it but Photoshop Elements now starts up much faster. I did check Adobe's tech support and the only article I found pointed to the infamous hotfix 811493. I thought I'd already uninstalled that so why the slowdown? The other weird thing is only Photoshop Elements and the scanner driver took a long time to load. No other applications were affected. Anyway, it's good that everything's running okay now.

Also got a Dazzle USB CompactFlash reader. I probably should have purchased this device at the same time I got the camera. That way, I wouldn't have had to install the camera driver at all. The CF reader uses the builtin USB storage drivers, just like DiskOnKey, so no software installation is required. And it does away with having to keep the camera on while transferring data.