August 14th, 2003

fox sit

Chuck E Cheese or Gary the Rat?

Genome hunt shows humans closer to rats than cats
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A comparison of human DNA to 12 other animals shows we share more than our genes and helps show that people are more closely related to rats than to cats, scientists reported on Wednesday.

The survey also adds to the argument that so-called "junk" DNA is nothing of the sort, but must do something important because it stays virtually identical across many species.
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Blackout 2003

At 4:10pm, the power went out at work. Then it came back on for a bit and flickered out again. News over the radio was that a lot of the Northeast was affected, as far north as Toronto and as far west as Cleveland. Around 50 million people were affected.

Anyway, seeing as how nothing could be done and it was almost time to leave anyway, I went out for the Feral Feline geocache on Wildcat Mountain is Southfields, NY. I had already printed the info out so why not? I chose my driving route carefully but it turned out not to be too much of a problem anyway. Not too many people live up on NY State Route 17 past Sloatsburg and many were probably still stuck in the city or in their commutes. It was mostly a pleasant walk up to a mountain ridge to where the cache was. Because of the recent rains, I saw many kinds of mushrooms along the way, including this one. By the way, does this tree look a bit feminine?

Got done with the geocache and drove back home. The power was still out. All the stores and restaurants were closed. Gas stations too so if you didn't fill up before, you couldn't drive out too far. (It's probably a good idea never to let your gas tank get too close to empty.) Traffic lights were out and the police had set up temporary stop signs at intersections that could not be manned.

Got home, lit some candles and took a shower. Couldn't cook anything but had some snacks by candlelight. Tried to post to LJ using MoJo on my cellphone but it was flaky. The power came back on at 9:35pm.