September 10th, 2003

fox yawn

Late Late Late Night

The belt (it's serpentine :) ) that was on order has come in so I'll take the car over to get that installed this evening.

Odd how this happens. I hadn't wanted to draw anything for about four months. Then this evening, I had some time so I fell asleep for 90 minutes. (sheesh) Then I woke up, dug up the drawing pad and penciled two comic strips and something extra. Is this some kind of muse thing where you can do it sometimes but not at other times? Guess so.

Took a look at TightVNC recently because I wanted to have remote desktop access to an NT 4.0 installation that didn't have Terminal Server. (Okay, so I'm lazy.) So far, it's working very well. Actually, I'd known about VNC, its predecessor, but TightVNC appears to be snappier and more bandwidth efficient. Of course, if Windows Terminal Server (or Remote Desktop in XP and 2003) is available then I'd use it because that's specific to the Windows GDI. Otherwise, TightVNC is a pretty slick alternative.
fox sit

Terror's Eve

Got the serpentine drive belt replaced this evening. (Odometer: 152,346 miles) The car should be shipshape for the trip now. Actually, it shouldn't be shipshape because it's a car. Maybe it's carshape.

The radio ad for The Club says that in places where use of The Club is 25%, auto theft rates are down 25%. And it goes on to say that if we get to 50% usage of The Club in the NY metro area, auto theft will be down 50%. Now wait a minute... won't car thieves just move over to cars without The Club? What if use of The Club goes up to 100%? Won't thieves just try harder? They could saw off part of the steering wheel to remove The Club. That's just another part they can replace later. The ad doesn't make sense. I think the solution is to have manual transmission in a regular car. Then put some dents and scratches on it. And 150,000 miles. Broken drivers seat. No window knob. And finally, I put The Club on just for the heck of it. By the way, if there were a club for The Club users, would it be called The Club Club?

Went to the Ramsey KFC this evening. Got the large box of popcorn chicken, which is probably more popcorn chicken than I should be eating. I was hoping they'd have the fried apple pies but no, it's not there either. Is there any KFC that has those? Anyway, the guy there recognized me because I went to the Burger King at Interstate Plaza a lot and he used to be the manager there. He says I'm the one always using the Where's George dollars. Well, with over 68,000 of those out there, I guess I'm it for this area. :)

Wish I'd known that Hydrocortisone is an effective treatment for chigger bites. It might have stopped me from trying other remedies... like scratching. :)