September 20th, 2003

chestnut ramune

Back from Virginia

Well... I originally intended to stay until Sunday but a little hurricane named Isabel sorta kicked me out. So I'm back. Full report later but here's what I did:
  • Found 51 geocaches making a total of 2,000!
  • Went to the Hampton Roads Geocaching Picnic
  • Went to the Mariner's Museum (naval history) in Newport News
  • Made a roundtrip on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel
  • Visited the Norfolk Botanical Garden
  • Took a drive on the Colonial Parkway and the Historical Drive, and visited Washington's HQ
  • Had Hardee's about a dozen times :)
Anyway, after the hurricane, there was a power outage over pretty much the whole of Hampton Roads and a lot of Virginia, up to Richmond. There was nothing left to do but come back. So I couldn't make a trip to the Outer Banks or visit the Marine Science Museum. Oh well. Maybe next time.

And oh, my 30th birthday was on Thursday. Strange way to celebrate a birthday. Had a hurricane. :)