October 18th, 2003

fox sit

Bugs In The System

Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q822603 made my scanner stop working. There is a driver update at the Microtek Support website that may or may not work with the hotfix but for now, it's easier to uninstall the hotfix.

I found out today why I've been missing some mail. Numeric has erroneously dropped my apartment number from my address. That probably happened around the time they upgraded software over at their end. I used to assume that once my address is correct in some company's database, it'll be correct forever. This proves otherwise. Oh well, another thing to watch out for.

Also updated my huge bookmarks collection. There'll probably still be some broken links but I've checked many of the folders using the Bookmark Links Checker extension for Mozilla Firebird.

Saturday: Can't tell now. I'll report after the weekend.
Sunday: Lower Bucks County and South Jersey.