October 22nd, 2003

morton blvd

Fort Montgomery

Checked the tire this morning. Still at 30 psi so the plug held through the night.

General George Clinton
This is in an unusual part of the Bear Mountain State Park. It's next to the Bear Mountain Bridge but way down from the bridge level. From where I parked to the cache was only around 800 feet with trails going nearly all the way. The last part was a rough scramble on a steep slope to find the cache. It took some trial and error, climbing up and down the slope, but it really wasn't too difficult to find the geocache. Apparently, that's the site of part of Fort Montgomery. I didn't see anything though, other than piles of rocks that look like they could have been walls or foundation.

After the geocache, I went back to the lodge where I'd parked and saw that the tire had deflated again. Augh! The plug was solid but I poked at the tire and discovered that some air was leaking out around the side of the plug. So I pushed in another plug right there and added more sealant. Hope that does it. 8 hours and 35 miles later, it still looks okay. I'll check the tire pressure again tomorrow.