January 7th, 2004

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Quite a change in the weather. The temperature went from the 50s over the weekend to the upper 20s today. And it snowed a bit in the evening, although not enough to stick. But at least the weather is getting more like winter.

Called nic.com this afternoon to confirm closing the account. I think that may actually be the same guy I spoke to when I signed up 8 years ago! Anyway, email will be forwarded for 1 or 2 months and then that's it.

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Odds and Ends

New York City is the second safest city in the country. Of course, with 8 million people, 33.2 crimes per 1000 is still a lot of crime on an absolute basis. But this is still a nice surprise.

Fastow faces charges. It's a small consolation to all the shareholders but looks like the Enron crooks may finally get some jail time.

Vim is now accepting sponsorship. I might actually make a donation myself to promote Vim development since I use this text editor a lot. I wish the US$ wasn't so weak against the Euro though.