February 5th, 2004

fox sit

A Trip to the Library

Late last year, the Montvale Public Library moved from an old schoolhouse on the other side of town to a much larger office building on my side of town. And they now have weekday evening hours. So having nowhere else to go this evening and having completely run out of books to read, I decided to go and take a look at the new library location.

My first impression was Wow! It's a lot more spacious now. In addition to the main section with the fiction, nonfiction, paperbacks and magazines, there are separate sections for CDs/DVDs and children's books. I think the children's section alone is as large as the old library! The new library also has PCs with Internet access all over the place, along the sides next to the shelves and out in the lobby. The old library only had one PC so this too is a big improvement. Their photo gallery has some pictures of the interior.

Anyway, according to the librarian, I'm allowed to check out 50 items at a time. Needless to say, I borrowed a fair number of books and some CDs too but the location and hours are so convenient that I'll probably go there again next week to return some of those and borrow more. Might as well make use of the wonderful new library that the taxes are paying for. :)