April 7th, 2004

fox sit

The Utter Fear of Lawlessness, Debt and Cats

I thought nothing could top the confused fellow yesterday who was driving on the wrong side of the road but I was wrong. This evening, not one but two drivers ran a red light. And it wasn't just after the light turned red either. It had been red for a minute or so already! So there I was, waiting at the red light like a chump, while the first and then the second driver went right by and ran the red light. If there was a memo saying that traffic laws had been suspended in this town, I must have missed it.

Out of curiosity, I was taking a look at the historical section of the US Treasury website and saw that in 1835, the National Debt was only $33,733.05. Yes, only 33 thousand dollars and change. Ignoring for a moment the higher value of the dollar back then, I thought it would be neat if a bunch of us chipped in and paid the National Debt! Of course, now that the debt is $7.14 trillion, that seems a lot less doable. :)

Is John Ashcroft afraid of calico cats? How bizarre. I looked it up because Lionel mentioned it on his radio show. Too bad it's unsubstantiated.