April 9th, 2004

where's george?

Money Blog, again

This month, Intuit will discontinue online services for Quicken 99 and earlier so I finally had to get an upgrade for Quicken. Yes, indeed. They foiled my plan to buy one copy of Quicken and use it forever. :) Anyway, I installed Quicken Deluxe 2004 this evening. There are lots of differences everywhere. The accounts list is a panel on the side instead of a bar (with a popup menu) on the bottom. Unless I've missed a faster way, it's not an improvement since I now have to scroll to get the correct account instead of popping up the menu and selecting. I also can't enter mutual fund transactions directly into the ledger display now. Instead, I have to do that through a dialog. This is therefore also slower, even if it is easier for beginners. On the improvements side, the software now has an asset class download, which was pretty surprising the first time I tried that. That feature is useful for mutual funds whose asset mixes change over time. What remains the same is the QIF export and that's good as I wouldn't have to rewrite any scripts that use QIF files.

Frank has written quite a collection of software for Where's George users. The latest appears to be the Top 600 list, which goes quite a bit further than the Top 150 list on the Where's George website itself, and adds averages, differences and comparisons.

A debate erupted on the Where's George forums following Doomer's suggestion that the site should generate separate Top 150 lists for commercial (i.e. Georgers who enter bills they handle at a cash business) and non-commercial users. That's not doable because there's no good way to tell one group from another. At over 78,000 bills, I've entered more bills than many commercial users and yet I'm not a commercial user. And I suspect a significant number of top users aren't commercial either. They're just very obsessive. And besides, how a Georger gets the money is really no one else's business. And besides the besides, we have a Top 600 list now, thanks to Frank, so it will take a while longer before the slots are dominated by commercial users. And besides the besides the besides, as I continue to beat the old and worn-out dead horse with an absurdly tiny wooden stick, why does the Top 150 list matter if Where's George isn't a competition?

And last of all, for vi users... the vi gang sign!