April 10th, 2004

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The Good, The Bad and Something Else

Aw Maw...Not CampGaw! (New Jersey)
Campgaw Mountain Reservation in Mahwah. Perfect lunchtime cache as it's not far away. Actually brought lunch to the park this time. The location is by a path running next to a scenic lake. Came across an igloo, which could be a doghouse although what that is doing next to the lake is a mystery.

For whatever good that does, I posted a complaint against T. Rowe Price here and at another complaints website. Getting really tired of their stalling and stonewalling every time we call them. Now I don't think these complaints websites can do much judging by the thousands of complaints posted with no updates or responses but if the folks at T. Rowe Price want to help, they know my number.

Check out Haiku Circus, a webcomic where every strip is a haiku. Got the website address when the cartoonist inquired about a link swap and I think it's certainly good enough to share.