April 20th, 2004


Why cough?

Went out to Wyckoff Gardens Reborn this afternoon because it was such a nice day (maybe a bit on the hot side) and well... no quickie cache must remain unfound. :) It's in Wyckoff at Wyckoff Gardens, a small park with a gazebo, a pond and a few trails going around the wooded area.

Tried to use the Kodak Picture Maker at the nearby CVS to make some prints out of images on my CompactFlash card. After picking the ones I wanted and zooming, cropping, etc... and after tapping on all the check buttons to confirm, it went to a blank screen. The photo clerk checked the admin screen and saw that the machine had not sent the pictures. Darn. As it was getting late, I decided not to make the prints this evening. I think it's more trouble than it's worth anyway when I can share my photos at Fotolog any time.