May 19th, 2004


Campus Cache, again

The last time I went to Campus Cache, I found that it was Commencement Day at the campus and the place was very, very busy. Also, the cache wasn't actually there yet. Today, I saw a note posted that the cache was in place so I went again and it was a snap to find. It's at the St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill.

I had a coupon from Borders. It's a percent discount coupon that's printed on a receipt at checkout time. I couldn't use it right away as it was only valid starting on May 14th so I put it some place where I could remember, or so I thought. Today, I needed the coupon. The problem was I didn't remember where I put it. I searched on the desk by the computer. I checked the kitchen table, which oddly enough is where most of the receipts are kept. I even looked in the glove compartment and under the seats of my car, just in case, but to no avail. Then finally I remembered that it was pinned under a magnet on the fridge.

Anyway, here's a picture of the fridge. No wonder I can't find anything here!

Fridge picture and magnets...Collapse )