May 23rd, 2004


Long Island Saturday

Usually, I go to Long Island on Sunday when road traffic is at a minimum. This time, I went on Saturday in order to get a library cache in Brookhaven. The library isn't open on Sunday. Traffic wasn't that bad once I got into Nassau and Suffolk County. The main holdup was at the George Washington Bridge where there was construction but I sidestepped that by taking the Tappan Zee Bridge and driving through Westchester. Not the best way to go but waiting in the hour-long delay at the GWB would have been far worse.

What I found was geocaching activity is indeed higher on Saturdays, presumably because that's when all the diehard LI geocachers go for the new caches. Indeed I ran into two cachers, SYNCORE and JMBella, at cache sites.

Used $14.50 of gas. (7.33 gallons)

The caches...Collapse )