July 9th, 2004


Anthrocon Day 0

Started out maybe a little later than planned. Made one final check that I had everything I needed and then it was off to the Lehigh Valley and then down South through Bucks County to pick up six geocaches.

The cachesCollapse )

Anyway, I ended up going to Philly via Route 309 to PA Turnpike to 476 to 76. A little unorthodox but that's the way things worked out. Hit heavy traffic on I-76, the Schuylkill, aka Surekill, Expressway but made it to the hotel in not too much time. Then I went to pick up my badge at the sponsor prereg room. Checked in at the hotel front desk. Wandered around for a bit and met twitchwolf, jbadger, punktiger and cnipur. (Took the opportunity to swap the Spoon travel bug for the Traveling Barbie travel bug with JBadger.) Went up to my room to take a shower and then I went out for dinner in Philly's Chinatown. Figured I might as well do that tonight as I'd probably be busy Friday and Saturday evenings. As luck would have it, I got a great parking spot only one block away from 10th Street.

Came back and visited "The Zoo", which is what the general lounge area is known as. Ran into danruk and his wife, Kari, there. One good thing about the layout this year is the Internet room is downstairs instead of on the top floor as it was in past years. So I didn't have to take an elevator up. Took the opportunity to log my geocache finds. There aren't any events on Thursday night, other than a dance, so I got the coyote suit from the car, changed at the fursuiters lounge and went to the dance. At the fursuiters lounge, I met albear, growlcoon and brokkentwolf. Great to finally meet them, although I think I've seen Growl way back at Albany Anthrocon 1997.