July 11th, 2004


Anthrocon Day 2

Forgot to draw the curtains for the second day in a row so I woke up to the sun glare again. Started the day with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts down the road. Then I went to the "Fur Texture in Photoshop" panel. The tutorial is online here but it was good to see a live demo. Then I went to the Northeast Furs panel, which was mainly about regional events and mailing lists. Got to meet stormydragon and woggle there. After lunch, I went to the "Fursuit Make" and "Fursuit Maintenance" panels. Did learn a thing or two from the latter that will probably be useful if I intend to keep the suits for a while. (e.g. about the Pro-link spray disinfectant and Virulax) Ran into rjtremor, skippyfox and maximous in the hallway afterwards. Well, actually they found me because I'm too myopic to read badges in crowds. :)

Attended the Masquerade (photos will follow in a separate post) and Uncle Kage's Story Hour after dinner. And then, milk and cookies were served in The Zoo so I got some of that before heading off to the dances. While cooling off in the fursuit lounge, I finally got to meet freakylynx and firefoxkac. Also, huscoon was there too and he constructed a drinking straw jumprope. Anyway, we were talking and growlcoon had a funny observation that we spend half an hour dancing and two hours in the fursuit lounge socializing, so why don't we just wear regular clothes and go down there to socialize? To which, of course, I simply had to protest that it wouldn't be the same thing. :)